Have you been trying to clean your garage concrete floors from the ice melt stains? Or do you have carpets that you just can’t seem to get that certain smell out of??
Let me introduce you to Prairie Distributor 2018’s very first “Floor Neutralizer”
This product is a concentrated blend of organic sugar acids used for neutralization of alkaline floor wax strippers, deodorizing carpets and cleaning porous concrete/grout.
It is also effective for removing ice melt salt stains in winter months.
This low odour neutralizer does not contain any strong, fuming mineral acids.
It is a safe-to-use and environmentally responsible product; it is readily biodegradable and it contains no perfumes or artificial coloring.
This product is best used for but not limited to parking garages, high traffic areas on cement or concrete, pet odours or even cleaning that stained grout. The best thing about it is that you don’t need much to be effective./
If you’d like to order this product today it is currently available for a low price of $42.00 CDN per bottle of 4L. Please call us at 780-447-3434 or email your orders to
Shipping fees may apply should you be out of the local area, but we certainly can ship for a fee.

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